Over 30 years of expertise in systems engineering for greenfield and brownfield projects.


With over 30 years of expertise in systems engineering for greenfield and brownfield projects, I&E Systems has excelled in providing award-winning project and engineering management solutions, specialising in the Oil & Gas, Mining and Minerals, Petrochemical, Power Generation, and the Materials Handling industries. Our focus is on delivery of Control (DCS, PLC), Safety (SIS), Turbo-machinery, SCADA, Fire & Gas and Electrical Power systems to the highest quality to meet customer demands.

Our experience in system design, configuration, testing, and commissioning allows us to deliver exceptional solutions with our team of dedicated engineers and designers. We provide fully configured safeguarding and control systems with comprehensive documentation, ensuring clients receive maximum value and ease of asset maintenance throughout the lifecycle. As an independent entity from system vendors, we preserve customer preferences and relationships ensuring the solutions fit with their needs.


I&E Systems is your trusted partner for executing all facets of intricate brownfield upgrades, seamlessly managing the entire process from design to commissioning. Our recognised expertise lies in the safe and efficient enhancement of operating plants, minimising downtime during system replacements, even amid full production.

Our comprehensive engineering services encompass everything from business case preparation and budgeting through feasibility studies, Front-end design, and Final Investment Decisions.
In the implementation phase, we excel in designing, engineering, testing, and commissioning replacement systems, including alarm rationalisation programs, and facilitating Management of Operational and Organisational Change (MOOC).

Operating independently from all systems equipment vendors, we prioritise maintaining customer preferences and fostering strong relationships.


Our engineering services extend to upgrade / replacement and integration of all turbo-machinery related control and safety systems.

We have a core team that can specialise in Turbine Control & Safety, Fire & Gas, Condition Monitoring, Compressor Control, Generator Protection & AVR, Field Instrumentation and mechanical designs for sensor installations.

Digital Modeling

DAD is a software solution to engineer and manage complex systems using a digital model. Created by our software development team, DAD is designed by people who understand the business. Instead of designing and managing complex systems using thousands of documents, in DAD you create and use a digital model. The model is a centralised source for all information about the system.

The model can come into existence at any point in the lifecycle. You can design a greenfield project from the beginning, or you can create an as-built model of a brownfield operation using existing data. Whenever a model comes into existence, you then use it to manage your system for the duration of the lifecycle.

As a service, we have DAD experts that can provide support to assist in the successful implementation of our software into all phases of a project.

DAD streamlines the engineering and management processes and has been used by some of the world’s leading companies across a range of industries.

It’s engineering, done differently.

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