Control Systems (DCS/PLC/SCADA)

Control System Studies
Disaster Recovery Reviews
Control System Obsolescence Studies
Control System Technology Refresh
Control System Code Review/Verification
Control System Decommissioning
Control System Audits
Control System Design
Control System Upgrades
Control System Modifications
Control System Commissioning
Advanced Process Management
Alarm Rationalisation
On/Off site Commissioning support
Operator Training and handover
Operator Training Station (OTS) configuration and support
Pilot Plant design and commissioning support

Safety Systems (SIS/BMS/ESD/HIPPS/F&G)

Safety System Audits
Safety System Design
Safety System Upgrades
Safety System Modifications
Safety System Commissioning
BMS Change Risk Reviews
BMS Audits
BMS Upgrades
BMS Code Reviews
ESD Audits
ESD Design
ESD Upgrades
ESD Modifications
ESD Commissioning
Fire and Gas System Audits
Fire and Gas System Design
Fire and Gas System Upgrades
Fire and Gas System Modifications
Fire and Gas System Commissioning

Turbine Controls

Turbine Control System Audits
Turbine Control System Code Reviews
Turbine Control System Documentation
Turbine Control System Upgrades
Turbine Control System Modifications
Turbine Control System Commissioning

Experienced in

Instrument obsolescence Studies
Hazardous Area Inspections
Process Safety Review
Process Hazard Analysis (PHA)
Hazard and Operability Analysis (HAZOP)
Control Hazard and Operability Analysis (CHAZOP)
Layers of protection Analysis (LOPA)
Alarm Objective Analysis (AOA)
Failure Mode and Effects Analysis support (FMEA)