About Us

I&E Systems was established in 1991 with an office in Perth’s CBD, Australia and has continued to maintain a core group of industry specialist engineers from this location.

Company history

The company was created in a partnership to deliver the upgrade of Woodside North Rankin A Safeguarding System (Reliability upgrade project). The project was a milestone in Australia in its achievement, gaining an Engineering Excellence award in the process.

Since 1991, I&E Systems has delivered high quality control, monitoring, safeguarding and electrical systems to numerous industry sectors.

I&E Systems have successfully delivered over 1300 Projects since inception. We have a reputation for excellence as system integrators with full turnkey capability.

Our People

I&E Systems maintains a workforce of approx 70 personnel, with more than 50% of our project personnel working at I&E Systems for over 15 years.

A lot of our projects can be complex and last several years, resulting in a stable work environment which allows us to maintain an unmatched continuity of work and continuity of expertise.


I&E Systems always places a strong emphasis on quality. We specialise in unusually high risk systems so effective quality management is essential for success. Our quality management system has been certified to ISO 9001 since 1994, the system is mature, simple and well understood by our personnel.

The performance feedback we receive regularly from our clients clearly proves our ability to meet or exceed expectations.