Systems Upgrades and Replacements

I&E Systems can execute all aspects of complex brownfield upgrades from design through to commissioning. Our extensive experience in working safely and efficiently on operating plants is widely acknowledged and respected. We have extensive experience in replacing systems with minimum downtime and production loss, and when possible during full production.

Our comprehensive engineering services include the preparation, and support of, business case and budgeting processes through feasibility studies, Front end design and Final Investment Decisions.. During the implementation phase we design, engineer, test and commission the replacement systems. We also conduct studies, and implement, alarm rationalisation programs and facilitate Management of Operational and Organisational Change (MOOC).

I&E Systems are independent from all systems equipment vendors. This means that we can maintain our customers preferences and work in manner that preserves the relationship between our customer and the equipment vendor.

We also specialise in ‘As-building’ of outdated and inaccurate existing documentation through our systems engineering software, DAD.