Systems Engineering – Greenfield & Brownfield

I&E Systems has nearly thirty years of experience in systems engineering for greenfield and brownfield projects. During this time we have developed a proven and award-winning set of project and engineering management procedures. We have successfully completed projects for the Oil & Gas (onshore & offshore), Mining and Minerals, Petrochemical, Power Generation and Materials Handling industries.

We specialise in the engineering of Control (DCS, PLC), Safety and Fire, Turbo-machinery, SCADA and Electrical Power systems. Our experience and efficiency in system design, configuration, testing and commissioning, means that we can deliver the highest quality engineering solutions at a lower cost than our competitors.

Our aim is to provide fully configured safeguarding and control systems to provide maximum value for our clients. We deliver open systems that are comprehensively documented so that our customers can readily maintain assets through their lifecycle.

I&E Systems are independent from all systems equipment vendors. This means that we can maintain our customers preferences and work in manner that preserves the relationship between our customer and the equipment vendor.

I&E Systems are well versed in the area of Abnormal Situation Management and have implemented number of state-of-the-art HMI and Alarm Management projects.