I&E Systems were engaged by a blue-chip client to migrate from an old Honeywell DCS to a new Yokogawa DCS in small shutdown windows for the Counter Current Decantation and Filters section of their plant.
I&E Systems provided project management, construction supervision, control system and electrical engineering related to the DCS migration including the existing Honeywell DCS and the new Yokogawa CentumVP DCS. I&E Systems managed the migration with meticulous hour-by-hour planning across many work fronts to ensure that the systems were migrated in time for production to restart.
Challenges presented in the project included having two DCS’s co-exist in the same cabinets for months between the two shutdown opportunities. DAD system information modelling was used to model the software functionality to determine that a logical split of controller racks and I/O could be achieved without having to modify the logic of the existing DCS with over half of the I/O moved to the new DCS.
The DCS was delivered on time and was under budget.

Completed: October 2017