Darwin LNG – Fire & Gas System Upgrade

The Darwin LNG Fire & Gas System Upgrade project addressed issues relating to integration, alarming, maintenance, deviations from Australian standards and poor documentation by replacing the existing Ziton and Austech Fire & Gas Systems with Honeywell Safety Manager and XLS3000A systems. A significant portion of the project scope was to migrate new, existing and/or modified fire & gas devices to the new systems with the process devices migrated to the Safety Manager and the building devices migrated to the XLS3000A addressable panel. A significant number of existing detectors were modified. The integration of the new F&G Systems with the existing Experion infrastructure improved the operability and visibility of the F&G System.
The scope for phase 1 of the project was to consider the Fire & Gas system replacement. Phase 2 of the project installed additional fire and gas detection coverage and executive actions.