DAD – Systems Information Modelling


I&E Systems can generate design information with superior accuracy and in less time than our competitors. We achieve this through DAD, our specialist software for the design and management of power, control and ICT systems.

The DAD productivity suite promotes effective systems lifecycle management. It is comprised of application software, DAD, to be used in the design phase for systems engineering and two extensions to the application software, the Construction Portal and the Operations Portal, for the management of the implementation and operation phases.

DAD moves systems engineering from the cumbersome and error prone paper-based practices to digital modeling. In DAD, design teams can create a System Information Model (SIM), which describes connected systems – power, control, IT and communications – in a single digital representation. The SIM is a depiction of the physical system with a 1:1 relationship; components, connections and functions are defined and linked, as they would be in the real world. This brings inherent accuracy to the design process and ultimately delivers substantial economic benefit across the entire systems lifecycle.

The Construction Portal and Operation Portal are extensions to DAD and support complete systems lifecycle management. The portals act as a gateway for implementation and operation teams to access the systems engineering information in the SIM and provide tools for the planning and management of activities associated with construction, commissioning and maintenance.

I&E Systems has successfully used DAD on over sixty projects in many different industries. It not only enhances the quality and cost of our systems engineering services but also improves the productivity and economic outcomes of construction and operation phases.

For more information about the DAD productivity suite please visit the DAD website.