ConocoPhillips Darwin LNG Fire and Gas Upgrade Project

The existing Fire & Gas System at ConocoPhillips Darwin LNG Plant has considerations with operational reliability, visibility and maintainability. I&E Systems are contracted as the Integration Engineer to facilitate the upgrade to the F&G system which will be undertaken in two phases over a period of approximately 18 months. Phase 1 will replace the existing Fire & Gas Systems with Honeywell Safety Manager and XLS3000A systems.

Existing process devices will be migrated to the Safety Managers and the building devices to the XLS3000A addressable panels. The new F&G Systems will be integrated with the existing Experion infrastructure, thus improving the operability and visibility of the F&G System. Phase 2 will implement additional fire and gas detection coverage and executive actions to bring the plant protection up to current industry best practice.

Photograph Credit: ConocoPhillips Australia